ModeWalk V2 | Styling is a venture-backed highly curated e-commerce website that has a selection of exceptional and exclusive designers who represent the vanguard of European fashion. It has being featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and many others. 

ModeWalk Version 2: Our goal was to redefine fashion retail and create a marketplace connecting stylists with brands and clients, offering the most pampered online experience to our luxury customers.

In this stage, we developed tools where stylists could easily access each client's information including their preferences, sizes, etc., They could also select a wardrobe for their clients based on their feedback and keeping a close and trusted relationship.

As Chief Creative officer my role was pivotal for the online experience. My main responsibilities consisted on:

• Recruiting and leading the creative team. 

• Designing the user experience and UI. 

• Developing ModeWalk’s brand identity and marketing materials. 

• Overseeing the complete creative process including photography, videography, copywriting, newsletter, and editorial content production.